Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Flower Making Tutorial

I have been asked by several people to do
a tutorial on how I make my flowers.
So here we go !!! I thought I'd show you how I made
the Leaves and flowers in the card above
Please bear with me it is very photo heavy !!!

I used the Majestic Morning Flower Stamp and die,
The Open Leaf stamp set and Classic Leaf die


First of all we need to make a mask of the die. 
Take a piece of card and tape the die to it
using a low tack tape. 

Run this through your die cutting machine.
Remove the flowers and you will have this attached 
to your die. DO NOT remove it.

Now take another piece of card.
 I use a lightweight card, sadly it isn't weighted
but the heavier you use the harder it is to shape.
And the lighter it is the easier it is to tear when shaping !!! 
The Heartfelt Creations paper pads do
make fantastic flowers ! 
Stamp the image onto the card.

Take your die and mask and lay the mask over the stamped image.
Line it up so that the die will cut exactly around the image.
Adhere the mask and die down to the image with low tack tape 
so that the mask doesn't move.

Run this through your die cutting machine.
It will cut the flowers out like below.

Now take your flowers and colour them up.
First of all I go over the centres applying
a light colouring using ink.

I then apply heavier ink around the edges to give a shading.

When all your flowers are coloured they need to be shaped.
Take your shaping tool and mat.
Turn the flower so the back is facing upwards and
in a gently circular motion shape each petal.
The flower will curl upwards.

When you have shaped all the petals,
turn the flower over so the inked side faces up.
Using a circular motion shape the centre of the flower.
This allows the petals to come upwards whilst still
curving outwards.

Now heat up your glue gun and with hot glue 
fill the centre of your flower.

Pour beads onto the Hot glue while still hot !
And leave to dry. Remove any excess beads.
I use a tray to do this part with so that the beads
don't go everywhere !

Now using glitter glue,
Glitter the edges of the flowers.

Now for the leaves ..........
Use the same process to make a mask and cut out a stamped image.
Again using ink, colour very lightly over the die cut.

Now using heavier ink, just colour the edges of the leaves.
Your fingers get very messy !!!

To shape the leaves lay the leaf down so the white side
is face up. Using gentle circular motions
shape each leaf so that they curl up.

Now turn the leaf over and gently smooth along the 
stalk of the leaf so that the whole leaf lays flat
with each leaf still curved.

And there you have it !
All you then need to do is adhere 
your flowers and leaves to your project !
Here is the card from the beginning to remind you !

Hope that helped.
Happy Crafting !


  1. Oooh Fabulous!! I'm definately going to get this stamp and due set now! Xx

  2. oh this is awesome Nicole!!! Great tutorial....thanks!! : )

  3. Gorgeous!! Thank for the tutorial.

  4. Shut the front door, girl this is gorgeous and you make it sound so easy to get those beautiful flowers!!!!

  5. I always LOVE your flowers, Liz! Awesome tutorial! Blessings! Kathy

  6. Your flowers are always stunning...and this was a wonderful, clear and informative tutorial. Thanks so much!

  7. stunning stunning stunning!!! thanks for sharing your talent xx

  8. what kind of beads are you pretty!

    1. Hi there! The beads I use are Guttermann. They have a lovely sheen on them! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. Great tutorial. Can't wait to try this out. Beautiful flowers

  10. They are absolutely lovely, not quite like my effort. Could you let me know what you are using for colouring, eg pens or inks and also what your using on your fingers. Thank you

    1. Thank you! I am using ink to colour with and the item on my finger is a ink dauber, usually sold in packs of three for about £3. I just find it easy to apply the ink on the flowers with it. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Wonderful tutorial Liz, TFS! Your flowers are amazing! xx

  12. Can You tell me what the purpose of the mask is? I make these same flowers and don't use a mask. I have seen instructions on the Heartfelt site using a mask but never understood why. Thanks Debbie

    1. Hi Debbie! Thank you for stopping by! The mask is to ensure the die cuts in the right place so all the flowers come out cut around the outline of the stamped image. So glad you have these too they are just so great to make!

  13. Wow, love love love the purple you picked. These are beautiful, thanks for taking the time to explain all the steps

  14. Beautiful!!! I can't wait to use pretty beads in the centers of my flowers!!!

  15. Fantastic flowers- thank you for the tutorial

  16. thank you so much, I have these dies but didnt like my efforts, will try again now, thanks a lot

  17. Przepiękne kwiaty, dziękuję za kurs.Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  18. Beautiful! Outstanding ending! I do not have the die, but would really like to purchase just for this tutorial! I know you can do other wonderful things too! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful tutorial project!

  19. Very good demo I love the color that you have used. Barbara

  20. Beautiful work, easy to follow tutorial. What color ink did u use to stamp the flowers?

    1. Thank you so much. The ink I used was called Mettalic Lavendar and it's a Hobbycraft own brand.

  21. Truly stunning flowers Liz, thanks for the tutorial!

  22. Absolutely gorgeous and thanks for the tut!

  23. TFS beautiful and great tutorial

  24. Fabulous tutorial, my flowers never look like this! I'm going to have another try as I love this Heartfelt Creations die and stamp set x

  25. Thank you for the tutorial. I am ordering the stamp set and die today, and I can't wait to start using them. Pam

  26. Thanks for tutorial It is really helpfull.


  27. This is one truly amazing card. I found your instructions to be very easy to follow. Thanks for the Inspiration.

  28. Thanks for tutorial, awesome work.

  29. Beautiful work So inspiring! Thank You.

  30. Wow, your flowers are really stunning. How sweet of you to share how you work your magic!

  31. Are you using something like an Accucut or Cricut or Silhouette to cut these out. I don't own anything like that. But I love your tut

    1. Hi! No I've used the dies that match the flowers from heartfelt Creations. Hugs x

  32. Hi Lizzie! I'm not sure if you'll get this comment since so much time has passed between now and when you posted this article. I'm still very confused about the mask. I did read your answer to Debbie, but I still don't understand. I have some Heartfelt Creations stamps and dies and after stamping onto card stock, I simply place the die on top of the stamped images, lining them up carefully, and then use my Big Shot to cut them out. Is your goal to end up with two sets of the cut images? I'm sorry to be so dense! Thanks so much for sharing how you create your beautiful flowers!
    Barb Flavin

    1. Barb, the dies have changed since I did this tutorial! You are quite rughtvall you now do is lay the die over the image and tape down and die cut! It's been made easier! Huge hugs xxxx


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