Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Folded bag Tutorial

Oh my word this is so easy to make ! Honest !
It looks harder than it is, but if you can score and fold .......
well that's all it is !!! 

Take a 12" x 12" piece of card. 
For the purpose of the tutorial I am using white card
so that I can draw on the fold lines 
so they are easily seen.
I am making the project using double sided paper, you could
use white card and then cut panels to fit within the folds
to get a contrasting look.

Score all sides of the 12" x 12" paper at 4"

You will end up with 9 4" x 4" squares on your paper

Now score the four outer corners diagonally within that square
like in the photo below.

The two outer middle squares measure the centre
and score down to the outer edge of the square as in the photo below

Your piece of card should now have score lines
like the drawn lines on the photo below.

Fold along the score lines and fold the base of the bag together
like in the photo below.
The folds overlap onto each other.

To make the flap of the bag cut a piece of card 8" x 4"
Score 4" and 5 1/2" along from the left.

Ink the edges, As I am using a lilac coloured paper I am inking
using a purple ink.

Ink the edges of the folds of the base of the bag.

Adhere the bag flap to the unfolded section that
will be the back of the bag.
The section that is being adhered is the 4" x 4" section of the flap.

To make the strap of the bag, 
cut a piece of matching paper 3/4" x 8"
and score 1/4" from each end.

Ink the edges of the strap

Adhere self adhesive velcro to the underside of the bag flap.
Also adhere the left side of the bag strap.

Now adhere the right side of the bag strap.

Fold the bag together and fasten closed 

The bag is complete and it is now ready to decorate !!

I rounded the corners of the bag flap, glitttered up the printed flowers,
 adhered flowers and leaves to the flap and handle 
and added a sentiment, flower and leaf inside on the base!
To make the flowers I used there is a tutorial HERE.
Have a go it would be great to see your bags !!

HERE is where the post for this bag is, check it out 
to see how I decorated the inside.


  1. Awesome tutorial Liz!! I have got to try to make one of these they are so adorable.

  2. Having a little trouble posting this. I love your project! Very, Very cute and fast! I will be getting the supplies together and making up a few of these!
    Thanks for the project!

  3. what a gorgeous project, love this Liz.

  4. Great tutorial, the pictures are so very helpful (for me). Thank you.

  5. Love your bag Liz.thanks for the tut.

  6. Thanks for the tut, love this, it will make nice gifts for friends etc.

  7. Thank for the tutorial, I love this bag!

  8. tus explicaciones son faciles me quedo una bella bolsa....GRACIAS

  9. Thanks for the super tutorial!!!

  10. Very nice, I love it so much!
    Laura ElleBi

  11. Years latter and I am just seeing this in 2017 and loving so much! My friends and I just started getting into this and to us the purse was the next New thing. Thank You for the great tutorial!


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